We Offer Transport Services To All East African Countries ,
Just Name Your Destination And  We Shall Get You There

We connects both local and international farmers to their markets
by providing the best transport services to the low class farmers

We Always Have Transport Solutions To All Classes Of Farmers Irrespective
Of What They Grow,Harvest And Sell Up To The Last Consumer.

Empowering Small Scale Farmers To Reliably Access High Value Markets
And Thereby Improve Their Livelihoods

WELCOME TO Rabboni Group Limited

Rabboni Group Limited is a Kingdom business that started as a family owned and operated business based in Uganda and later grew into a large conglomerate with diversified investments in strategic sectors including: haulage transportation; distribution; agro-processing; fast moving consumer goods (commodities); and financial services.

TSIKENU Rabboni Services


Who we are

Rabboni Group Limited is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with the opportunity to deliver their cargo and hardware materials with the certainty and efficiency of the highest order. We always handle our client’s goods with professionalism and view them as business clients whose growth is directly correlated to our growth. We accord our clients the peace of mind needed for them to concentrate on their core business through cargo and material planning, monitoring and ultimately, safe delivery. Very few transport and hardware companies can afford their clients such end-to-end business solutions.

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