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Rabboni Group Ltd radically democratises access to Agricultural processing and distribution services in the East African region. The business design is completing the entire delivery cycle connecting Agronomy, Aggregation and Route to market for maize grain and Soya. The company’s broader goal is to improve the “middle mile” agribusiness space. The idea is to reduce inefficiencies in the value chain and increase farmer household incomes.

Rabboni Group Ltd has received awards and recognition by TOTAL Startupper, YALI, Enterprise Uganda and has been featured in New Vision Media group and TEF newsletter.


We are set to be the leading provider of grain Agro processing and Distribution solutions in East Africa while benefiting all stakeholders.




Catalysing rural socio-economic transformation by;

  • Empowering farmer cooperatives to grow quality crops.
  • Providing a reliable market and equitable prices for agro-commodities.
  • Processing the commodities to international standards.
  • Efficiently delivering the value added commodities to the end market
  • Enabling rural communities to access opportunities through which they provide their own basic needs


The overall goal is to remain a globally competitive value adding business that creates employment, spreads wealth and addresses our intractable social challenges. We believe in the power of business to liberate people.


Our Ideals

  • Constantly Evolving
  • Constantly Improving
  • Constantly Adding Value


Our Core Values

  1. We Value People, Enterprise and Execution.
  2. Service with Excellence, integrity, creativity and Innovation
  3. We are a team