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This is the cog of the wheel of our business. We invest in agriculture because it is one of the most important, viable, sustainable and fastest growing sectors.

Coffee, Maize, and Rice are our key trading commodities. We specialize in value addition and moving these critical commodities from areas of surplus to areas where supply is unable to meet demand. The issue of global food security presents a great opportunity for us especially considering that 60% of unused arable land globally is in Africa.

  • We are closing in on the 30% of total crop production that never makes it to the dinner table / market because of poor storage and management after harvesting. We envision an Africa that produces value-added goods and services as the only path to large-scale job creation.


  • We are imagining a region without post-harvest food loss, a region that can feed itself fully with no one ever going hungry and that we have surplus to export to our neighbours.


  • We are imagining a region where the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative is equitable, all inclusive and experienced by the majority of our people.


  • We are imagining a region where we are utilizing resources where we have comparative advantage:- our youthful population gainfully engaged in agriculture.


  • As we join the dots farmland and market, we strongly believe we will drive truly viable and sustainable economic development for the majority of our people.


Our dream is high quality, high value added agricultural products that meet stringent export markets’ quality and safety requirements. Soybeans, sesame seeds and Cocoa are soon joining our growing portfolio. The chairman for our Agribusiness services is Joloba Daniel

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