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We have distribution outlets (also known as Rabboni collection centres) working as bulking centres for Agro produce spread throughout every major town in Uganda, making it easy for us to reach all corners of the country for our customers ( producers, wholesalers and consumers ).

We have a strong presence in the distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods and we are constantly pushing to increase our product portfolio with more established brand names e.g SCOUL Lugazi Sugar, Rice, wheat, cooking oil, Hima Cement, Tororo Cement and steel.

With a growing fleet of trucks, we deliver flawless execution, collection and effective distribution in all channels from route-sales to wholesalers.

We are involved in both inland and cross boarder trucking and distribution of FMCG.

We have a well-established Collection and distribution foot print in Uganda, Rwanda and next will be the neglected further inland countries ( gray markets ) of Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Southern Sudan as we continue developing Efficient supply chains and distribution chains across the Region.

By owning and managing the supply chain from start to finish (End-to-End innovation), we are able to move agricultural commodities between regions, strategically matching one area’s market origination capabilities with market consumption patterns in another.

Combined with the capacity to store commodities close to their point of origin for extended periods of time along with control over transport and logistics, the Group maximizes synergies and efficiencies at every stage of the value chain continuum. The chairman for distribution and Manufacturing Ssenkatuuka John Fischer


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